Challenges Facing Commercial Insurance Firms

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September 24, 2016

Challenges Facing Commercial Insurance Firms

The Commercial Insurance industry provides home, auto, and business protection quotes. Insurance companies focus on assisting client’s spare time and cash. Depending on the company you choose, you get protection rates that fit your protection needs. But do these commercial insurance companies face challenges? Are there problems facing Ontario commercial insurance? Let’s check out some of the challenges below.

Increasing interest rates

Interest rates are rising, and this poses a significant threat to this industry. If the rates continue to shoot up and nothing is done, many Ontario commercial insurance firms and across the globe is likely to collapse. The rates affect both parties. High interest rates may keep many businesses away from getting insurance.

Aging workforce

Most insurance agencies are increasing the average age of employees. However, this doesn’t appear to work to their benefit as most youths are not prepared to take over from the aging or outgoing workers. Many commercial insurance companies face the domination of aging workers, and this poses a succession threat in the case of retirement. Most firms do not invest in talent and age concentration. Due to this, there is a risk of unstable leadership and client servicing in many commercial insurance companies.

Disruptive technology

The emerging technology is disrupting everything. Many firms seem to has fallen into this trap of technology due to failure to track the evolving technology and respond to the technological changes effectively. Inability to match with the changing technology while retaining the client relationship is also a major setback in this industry in regards to technology. Cyber crimes also make it difficult for companies to adjust to internet developments due to having lost or the risk if losing more to the attackers.


Real estate crowdfunding allows small-time financial specials to buy offers in commercial properties through online business centers. It is presently the trending pattern. But it is still to be confirmed if it will prevail. Since a large population involved in crowdfunding has no involvement in the real estate investment, it opens a potential risk to the industry.

Slowing growth

For many commercial industry firms, constant growth is the essential goal. Failure to build a culture of accountability with a productive team is a challenge to many companies. If a company does not constant grow its team it may lead to the company’s slowed growth. Slowing growth may result in a company incurring losses than profits.


Commercial insurance firms can exercise more power over the factors by building a lively team and repopulating the workforce. Keeping track of the growing technology can help overcome these challenges.

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